About Realm Reckers

Realm Reckers is a "Real Play" (heavily edited) 5e Dungeons and Dragons podcast, put together by four friends in their free time. This podcast features no professional voice acting, no prior podcasting experience. But it does feature a team of four creative friends who are currently trying their best.

Join us in the adventures of Va'ant Gristel, Plutarch Ramsey, and Atlas (yeah it's just Atlas) as they traverse the perils of the realms. Listen in suspense as they face tradgety, horror, and idiocy in their quest to become the selfish mercenaries they were always meant to be!

Meet the cast

Trevor Hammond

Trevor Hammond

Voice actor, plays Atlas, he's mostly just tired.

Bready Stearns

Brady Stearns

Voice actor, plays Plutarch, is just happy to be here.

Lyle Van Fossan

Lyle Van Fossan

Voice actor, plays Va'ant Gristel, definitely not using this as a form of personal therapy.